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= new form of biocentric network and scientific encounter between Science and the Experience in different fields and methods of research.


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BIONET - Conference 18.-20.2018 at Islam University Yogyakarta in Indonesia 

Islam Psychology in partnership with BIONET..... INFO

Integrative Dialog: Psychology, Religion, Science and Art


First Research mixed model: NVC and TANZPRO-Biodanza for children in Muslim Context.

School of Empathy

Artikel 1: TANZPRO-Biodanza for children

Artikel 2: Respektful Communication on the base of NVC for children


New article about the Effects of Biodanza with primary school children


Now: "First World Congress of Educational Transformation":

Care, Beauty and Dreams     

mit BIONET as partner

Programme and Abstract

Book "Transformativa Educativa" Mexico, 2015


New article Biodanza with children with Autism Spectrum Syndrome, page: 83-87


New article about the Effects of Biodanza with school children in muslim country


New article about the Biodanza-Effects on Wellbeing and stressreduction - summary of 7 Biodanza-studies and study quality


New Edition "Dance towards Health" with a foreword of Rolando Toro. Now available in Schibri. 


DOWNLOADS Biodanza Research: 

- Oxford U. Press: Dance-Wellbeing

- BIODANZA & Science Publication 

- BIONET-Infos


TANZPRO - Biodanza for children - next trainings 2018 in Latvia and Holland....see: School of Empathy 


Masterplan Healthy Education


What is a good Biodanza study? Biodanza-Studies on Stressreduction and Wellbeing. Critical reflexion.


WEB-SEMINAR Biodanza Research

Movies and Interviews


Overview - PhD in BIODANZA


IBF - Evidencebased Training Extentions/Education:

- TANZPRO-Biodanza for children (School of Empathy) Leipzig/Riga

- TANZPRO-Biodanza Aquatica in England VIDEO