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= new form of biocentric network and scientific encounter between Science and the Experience in different fields and methods of research.


Biodanza & Science


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Disaster-Management & Natural Catrastrophics 
Chronobiopsychology and Music Research
Rehabilitative and Educational Psychology 
Stress- and Traumapsychology 
Biocentric Health-Management

Chidrens Yoga

Traffic Psychology 



BIONET links all Life Researchers from universities and experiancial life oriented disciplines (e.g. Biodanza, Health & Educational Sciences, others) in 3 Areas and 5 research methods (Gates), who works with the Fundamentals of Complete Science and accept the (Self-)-Experience (Vivencia) as research method. BIONET is part of the IBF-Research-Department. How can I get member of the BIONET Research Network? Please write to

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1) Biopsychological Basics in Education and Health (every 2 years)

2) BIODANZA & SCIENCE (on demand)

3) Educational Paradigms in Change (every 1-2 years. on demand) 

4) Islam Psychology in partnership with BIONET 

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One aim of BIONET is to bring BIODANZA with Evidence Based Programmes in Institutions (e.g. Kindergardens, Schools, Elderly People, Health Insurances, Stressmanagement in Companies). We develope those programmes and evaluate them scientifically (Publication-List). Than we organize trainings by support by the IBF-Research-Department and Sergio Cruz.

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4. BIONET Partners


University of Leipzig Institut of Clinical Immunology

DPFA Academy of Work & Health

Islamic University Yogyakarta

University of Social Rehabilitation Teheran

Universidad Huelva


since 8.10.2017 - Copyright Marcus Stueck and Alejandra Villegas


BIONET - Conference 18.-20.2018 at Islam University Yogyakarta in Indonesia 

Islam Psychology in partnership with BIONET..... INFO

Integrative Dialog: Psychology, Religion, Science and Art


First Research mixed model: NVC and TANZPRO-Biodanza for children in Muslim Context.

School of Empathy

Artikel 1: TANZPRO-Biodanza for children

Artikel 2: Respektful Communication on the base of NVC for children


New article about the Effects of Biodanza with primary school children


Now: "First World Congress of Educational Transformation":

Care, Beauty and Dreams     

mit BIONET as partner

Programme and Abstract

Book "Transformativa Educativa" Mexico, 2015


New article Biodanza with children with Autism Spectrum Syndrome, page: 83-87


New article about the Effects of Biodanza with school children in muslim country


New article about the Biodanza-Effects on Wellbeing and stressreduction - summary of 7 Biodanza-studies and study quality


New Edition "Dance towards Health" with a foreword of Rolando Toro. Now available in Schibri. 


DOWNLOADS Biodanza Research: 

- Oxford U. Press: Dance-Wellbeing

- BIODANZA & Science Publication 

- BIONET-Infos


TANZPRO - Biodanza for children - next trainings 2018 in Latvia and Holland....see: School of Empathy 


Masterplan Healthy Education


What is a good Biodanza study? Biodanza-Studies on Stressreduction and Wellbeing. Critical reflexion.


WEB-SEMINAR Biodanza Research

Movies and Interviews


Overview - PhD in BIODANZA


IBF - Evidencebased Training Extentions/Education:

- TANZPRO-Biodanza for children (School of Empathy) Leipzig/Riga

- TANZPRO-Biodanza Aquatica in England VIDEO