Bionet Areas

This researchers use the methods: qualitative, quantitative, laboratory research and application oft he results into the practice (Gates 2-5)

Area 1 - Biology and Medicine

Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Sack
Phd. Vuk Savkovic
Dr. Hans-Ullrich Balzer
Paul Stephen Tofts


Area 2 - Psychology and Education

Phd Guna Svence
Prof. Dr. Marcus Stück
Prof. Dr. Evelin Witruk
MA Dian Sari Utami


Area 3 - Other Sciences (e.g. Anthropology, Ethology etc)
Wiryono Raharjo (Architecture)
Dr. Alejandra Villegas (Biodanza)

Researchers based on „Self-Experience/Vivencia“