We would like to start with 3 quotes from scientists from the Northern (so called Polar Bears) and Southern Hemisphere (so called Penguins).
"Science always has to go together with Art and is subjective: Art is Experience and Science is Art" Albert Einstein.
"Science is always critical reflexion" (C.Popper) "Knowlegde is based on action and affective experience and biocentric learning" (Rolando Toro Founder of "Biodanza and the Biocentric movement", Humberto Maturana Biologist University Santiago de Chile "From doing to being")
"A Scientist who use Self-Experience, e.g. who does Biodanza and a Biodanza teacher who learns to reflect critically based on observation and empirical datas gains the complete knowlegde. Than Polar Bear and Pinguine are embracing and Body and Mind are One in connection to the Life" ("The complete Science" Stueck, 2016).
The Research Network BIONET was founded in the first BIONET Conference 2012 at Educational University in Riga (History) by Prof.Dr.Marcus Stueck, Dr.Alejandra Villegas, Prof.Dr.Guna Svence, Jorge Terren,Bettina Ber,Natasa Kern, Manju Pöllmann, Laura Terzoli, Vineta Greaves, Latvian Biodanza teachers and scientists out of 7 countries/ubiversities. It spread in Projects across the world: e.g. Portugal, Mexico, Indonesia, Iran, Sri Lanka. BIONET is part of IBF-Science Department under the support of the IBF-President Sergio Cruz. It supports worldwide the BIODANZA & Science e.g. see Point 5 Actual DOWNLOADS Biodanza Research: e.g. Webbased Seminar "Biodanza mirrored in the Science: Videos/Interviews.
BIONET is not only a contribution to the BIODANZA Research. BIONET links all Life Researchers from universities and experiancial life oriented disciplines (e.g. Biodanza, Health/Educational Sciences, others) in 3 Areas and 5 research methods (Gates), who works with the Fundamentals of Complete Scienceand accept the (Self-)-Experience (Vivencia) as research method, because since Albert Einstein we know, that there is no "objective" Science as long the observer changes the observed object - everything has a subjective influence: in Physics, in Medicine and Biology as well as in Social Sciences. "Its no longer acceptable that the academic Science not accept the (Sef-)-Experience (Vivencia) as a research method. This leads finally to a seperation from body and mind" (Stueck, 2016 "The Complete Science", S. 2).
Aim of BIONET is to integrate experiencial methods (e.g. BIODANZA, Art-Expression, Yoga, Praying, Meditation) in a academic level and to start a scientific dialog between the Scientists of the South (Science of the Penguins - e.g. "La Vivencia" and Biocentric approach of R.Toro and many Biodanza teachers worldwide, Biology of Trust, H.Maturana and others) and the North (Science of the Polar Bears - e.g. Scientists who work on the basics of empirical science with critical reflexion, e.g. C.Popper, qualitative, quantitative researches on Life-Science). See School of Empathy (Stueck, 2013).